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These are functions used by ded and related programs.

I began this library late in 1987, incorporating some functions which I had written for ded. It was not intended to be installed as a development library (partly because as a developer, I could only have things installed in /usr/local by requesting an administrator to do this), and also because the functions were intended to be used when building the programs that I was developing. In the process of developing, I made frequent changes to the library, which would have required frequent requests for installing it.

The topic of installing the library came up later (probably suggested by Eric Marshall). I pointed out that the name (my initials) was inappropriate, and that the library as installed should be renamed. Choosing a name is hard, and the easy ones (such as libgen, for general-purpose) were already taken. There were no interesting suggestions. Lacking a suitable choice, it remained “libtd” (aka “td_lib”).

The library can be used in either development- or installed-form:



The programs which used these functions are documented. There are no manual pages for the common library.