Re: 4.0 announcement

From: Zeyd M. Ben-Halim <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 11:04:27 -0800

>> >Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 19:50:25 -0500 (EST)
>> >
>> >etiquette prompts me to ask if you're going to make the announcement, or
>> >shall I?
>> Weird! I'm only receiving this today (Friday). Then I noticed that incoming
>you gotta get a better ISP (sorry).

Easier said than done. Also keep in mind that I don't read my email every hour
on the hour, so a lag of a day is always is possible.

>my target was before christmas (you'd suggested the weekend before, if
>you recall), but the weekend was bad (I usually flush out development
>changes, which I did, then I had the flu or something as well for a few

I figured as much, which means I won;t be able to take a good lokk at it until
the weekend (too much work :-(

>> directory was big, and there was ncurses-4.0.tgz!!!!! I must have missed
>> something here.
>I did noticed that you emptied it last night (this is a day later),
>but didn't get your email til right now (23 hours later?).

That is correct! The only reason I noticed ncurses-4.0.tgz is that it caused me
to exceed my quota! When I check my email from work the next day I saw a whole
new flame war about the release of 4.

>> I'd rather that no formal announcement is made until I've had a chance to take
>> a look which won't happne until this weekend. Netcom might be dropping emails
>> so we have to confirm receipt before we move on.
>I was holding on that -- packaging it & announcing to the list was all that
>I intended.

Unfortunately, people tend to run with such announcements and start distributing
all over the world. If you remember earlier incidents with private betas created
by Eric being posted to prep.

>> If it makes things easier call here at work (818) 786-8801 or later tonight
>> after 8pm PST at home (310) 470-0281.
>email is usually fine (I've only one phone line anyway ;-).

Then for now we have to live with lag and not assume that someone has already
received email before proceeding.

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