Re: ncurses-4.0 un-announcement

From: Tony Nugent <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 13:41:17 +1000


G'day mate...

On Mon Dec 30 1996, you wrote:

> > I did not - and have not yet - seen such an announcement. AFAIK, I've
> > been getting everything from with no hiccups.
> Well, here's what _I_ got back after posting 1.9.9g. (And if you

Hmm... I don't seem to have that message here. It could be that I
missed it in some local procmail configuration hiccup.

> Juergen, Zeyd and I have been sending email to each other for a few months.

Oh, I'm not suprised - the list isn't always an appropriate forum for
some issues. (I notice that you don't include Eric in that group).

> > It obviously caught Zeyd by suprise too, and he's apparently going to
> > re-release it. Now it seems that we will soon have two ncurses-4.0
> > releases. This is not good (and in this case, especially not good for
> > linux). <sigh>
> No. He was aware that it would be coming, but he hasn't been devoting

Hehehe... he's *wanted* it to happen for quite a while now :-)

> much time to it. (And he'll end up changing documentation just to assert
> his position anyway).

This is something else that - as an observer - is puzzling me. I've
been subscribed to ncurses-list for well over 12 months, and it's been
painfully obvious that he's done little - if any - development work
for ages. *You* have been carrying the bulk of the development (and
doing a great job btw), with Eric and Juergen making contributions
(yeah, I got your mail about what you think about Eric's patches).
Why does Zeyd carry such authority with ncurses when he's not doing
anything for it? (Historical reasons, I assume).

Hmm... politics. Questions like that can leave a sour taste in ones
mouth. <shrug> When you are involved in working with a group of
people - who you don't necessarily know personally because they live
scattered all over the world - in the development of such an important
software project, such issues are bound to arise. And they need to be

I admit that my questions about all this into the ncurses list have
brought all this out into the open. I don't apologise for that...
someone needed to do it (besides, if it wasn't me then it would have
been someone else). However, I believe that in the long run all this
will be resolved amicably and forgotten in the midst of the busy
nitty-gritty of further ncurses development.

Anyway, enough of all this political crap... I'm more interested in
getting a good compile and install of ncurses-4.0 onto my linux box
here, getting rid of the old ncurses libraries, making sure other
applications don't cough and die, and continue development work on a
couple of programming projects that I'm working on (ever too slowly)
that use the ncurses library.

Anyway, keep up the good work. The last thing that I would want to
see happen is your obvious enthusiasm for ncurses to be blunted.
You're doing a great job, and I hope that you get ncurses to the point
where you are satisfied that there are no more bugs and that there's
nothing more to do, as you find yourself completely happy with what it
has become.

BTW, have you noticed how popular your diffstat program has become?
I've mentioned (and demonstrated) it in several mailing lists, and it
has impressed many. Same for vttest (especially for those doing work
on the linux ggi project).

Cheers .
Tony _--_|\ / *\\_.--._/ v Brisbane Qld Australia
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