Directory-Browser Perl-extension for Vile

There is a directory browser extension for vile written with the perl interface.


The main features of the directory browser are:


The package contains the following three perl files.

Detailed pod documentation is contained within each file.

The package also contains sample files for:

Getting Started

To get started off without reading the documentation:
  1. put all the three perl files in ~/.vile/perl
  2. put the sample mailcap and mime.types files in ~/.vile
  3. put the following lines in your .vilerc

          22 store-macro
              ~force execute-hypertext-command
              ~if &not $status
                  ~force forward-character-to-eol
          bind-key execute-macro-22 ^M
          perl "use directory"

  4. open up vile and type


  5. Press <RETURN> on directory name to change to that directory and on the file name to view that file.


The perl directory-browser script was written by Kuntal M Daftary in 1998. Kevin Buettner provided help with bug-fixes.