Change-Log for CDK-PERL
-- $Id: CHANGES,v 1.21 2015/09/29 01:01:04 tom Exp $
Cdk Perl change-list
Modifications copyright Thomas E. Dickey 2001-2014,2015

        + updated configure script

        + build-fixes for dpkg/rpm/ports test-packages

        + build-fix for perl 5.18 (patch by Niko Tyni, Debian #719578)

        + adapt files from FreeBSD port for test-builds.
        + add fix for demos/rolodex from FreeBSD port.
        + fix handling of Calendar's return value for activate and getDate

        + indent demos/examples using perltidy.
        + reviewed demos/examples, made minor fixes, including using "strict".
        + remove unused from and; this is no
          longer available with Fedora.
        + adapt RPM spec-file from for test-builds.
        + fix build with Perl 5.18 (patch by Niko Tyni, Debian #708593).
        + modify configure script to add $(BUILDDIR) variable to makefile,
          to help with test-builds which do not rely on chroot, etc.
        + use 'key' parameter in _Cdk::Calendar_Inject()
        + use attrib parameter in DrawMesg()
        + fix compiler warnings
        + add configure options to enable compiler warnings

        + fix boxes in help-messages, which had top/bottom segments too short.
        + modified Debian package scripts to copy "examples" directory under
          package's "examples" directory since the fulldemo scripts expect
          this layout.
        + modified Debian package scripts to make exclusion from compressing
          examples work for Debian 5.0
        + make default path for help system "dynamic" (report/patch from
          Debian #519820)
        + add Debian package script, for testing

        + completed demos/bday
        + correct a typo in Cdk::Viewer (report/patch from Debian #312733).

        + eliminate most of fixed array limits.
        + correct logic of sv2int(), etc., broken by 2002/07/28 changes.
        + alter matrix interface to use setCDKMatrixCells() rather than
          setCDKMatrix(), since the latter dumps core due to an addressing
          limitation - an 8Mb struct might be too large.
        + update to match struct-member changes in current CDK snapshot's
          CDKSWINDOW struct.
        + replace complex macros except MAKE_CHAR_MATRIX with functions, fix
          several illegal memory references reported by valgrind.

        + change version number to correspond with documentation.
        + add a MANIFEST, drop 'FILES' since it is redundant.
        + drop BUGS and NOTES since they are obsolete.
        + add Cdk::getVersion() method.
        + add a null-pointer check in sv2chtype(), needed for return-value from
          char2Chtype().  Also changed this function to have a single return
        + add fixpaths script, to allow examples and demos to be run easily.
          Just run fixpaths, and it will adjust the path to 'perl' in the
          first line of each example-script.

        + correct include-path for cdk.h (reports by Pawel Gajda
          <> and Ron Poulton <>)
        + correct missing Box parameter of drawCDKMenu (Pawel Gajda).

        + modify to work with perl 5.6.0
        + fix several places where functions did not return value.
        + modify some scripts to show nonblank character, e.g., for slider.