rcsget − rcs check-out utility


rcsget [options] [file-specifications]


Rcsget is a simple interface to rcs (revision control system), which is used to extract files from rcs archives.


Rcsget checks out (extracts) files from an rcs archive which have been checked in using rcsput orcheckin. Rcsput checks in files, retaining their modification date as the check-in date. Rcsget extracts a given version of one or more files, and sets their modification date to match the check-in date.


Rcsget is a directory-recursive interface to the co utility which does special things with the file modification date. Most of its options are passed to checkout or co, and then interpreted to determine the correct modification date. Options special to rcsget are:


permits rcsget to process directory names beginning with ".".


directs rcsget to scan the rcs directories to find the list of files which are checked-out. Otherwise, rcsget will select only those files which are already checked-out.


directs rcsget to follow symbolic links to subdirectories. These are ignored otherwise.


no-op mode directs rcsget to show what files would be checked out without actually checking them out.


(same as −d) causes rcsget to recur through the specified directories.


specify an alternate pathname for the checkout utility. This overrides the default "checkout" path.

Rcsget also recognizes (and acts on) the "−q" (quiet) and "−x" options of checkout.


To extract files using rcsget, you must provide one or more names. They may be either file or directory names.

Rcsget resolves names until it finds one of the form "RCS/file,v" before invoking co. If it finds a directory (other than "RCS"), rcsget will recur to extract files at lower levels.


Rcsget is written in C, and runs on POSIX systems.


Rcsget uses the following files:

a utility which invokes co and then modifies the file’s modification date so that it matches the version-date selected which was extracted via co.




checkin, checkout, rcsput, ded, co (1)


Thomas E. Dickey <>