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LYNX – The Text Web-Browser


Lynx is a fully featured World-Wide Web browser for users on both Unix and VMS platforms who are connected to those systems via cursor-addressable, character-cell terminals or emulators. That includes VT100 terminals, and desktop-based software packages emulating VT100 terminals (e.g., Kermit, Procomm, etc.).


I got involved with Lynx development by working with Jim Spath on an auto-configure script for Lynx. I have also made changes for Lynx that allow you to build it using the color support in the ncurses library. Since the release of Lynx 2.8 in early 1998, I have been acting as the patch coordinator for a group of people (including myself) doing ongoing development on Lynx. Besides ongoing support for the configure script, etc., I have done work to make lynx more robust (e.g., secure).


See the changelog for details:

Development and Releases

Lynx's sources are stored on in PRCS archives. Klaus Weide set up PRCS 1.1.1 in 1997 on a previous host ( Jim Spath and I migrated this to in 1999 (using PRCS 1.2.15).

Each commit in PRCS becomes a patch-release for Lynx.

Our version numbering for Lynx confuses some people. PRCS provides for having a non-numeric portion of a branch identifier. We use this for cycling through the development, pre-release and release versions. The first patch towards the next release is marked with that target release's version. Thus

I also maintain my local archives in RCS. Originally, this recorded only the patch-releases of Lynx in PRCS. There were a few reasons for this:

However, since early 2004, I have committed most changes first to RCS, then applied the current change-set to PRCS. The end result is much the same; PRCS assigns the patch-version number in a few files, while most are marked with the "LynxId" RCS-tag. It allows me to keep closer track of individual changes.

Win32 Installers

Before each patch-release, I (usually) do a test-build on Windows. That builds several flavors, which I use in testing. Along with that, since 2007, I have made packages for a few of these executables:

That said, here are links to the Lynx installers on my website:

Win32 installers (ftp)

All files are here:

Win32 installers (http)


Here is a link to the documentation files which are part of Lynx.
I use this part of my website for test-builds of current code.

The Lynx Help Page

Other Resources