tack for TACK


        * init.c:
        use def_prog_mode() to eliminate two internal details from ncurses

        * edit.c, tack.h: accommodate opaque TERMINAL structure in ncurses

        * tack.h: update copyright to match version

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf:
         + CF_ADD_CFLAGS
           improve formatting of generated lists using CF_APPEND_TEXT
         + CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS
           several fixes...
         + CF_GNU_SOURCE
           recent glibc (Debian 2.23-4 for example) has misordered ifdef/checks for
           new symbol _DEFAULT_SOURCE, producing warning messages when only _GNU_SOURCE
           is defined.  Add a followup check to define _DEFAULT_SOURCE.
         + CF_LD_RPATH_OPT
           change FreeBSD to use -Wl,-rpath rather than -rpath option.  According to
           FreeBSD #178732, either works since FreeBSD 4.x; however scons does not
           accept anything except the -Wl,-rpath form.
         + CF_LIB_PREFIX
           build-fixes for OS/2
           quiet strict gcc warning
         + CF_MAKEFLAGS
           use $SHELL consistently
           PKG_CONFIG may simply be unset - fix
         + CF_PROG_LINT
           add cpplint to programs to use; drop ad hoc tdlint and alint.
         + CF_WITH_MAN2HTML
           use configured shell
           add check for ncurses pthreads
         + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE
           add "uclinux" to list of Linux's
           use _GNU_SOURCE for cygwin headers, tested with cygwin 2.3, 2.5
           build-fixes for OS/2

        * config.sub: 2017-02-07

        * config.guess: 2017-03-05

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump


        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump

        * configure: regen

        * configure.in, Makefile.in: add --with-man2html

        * Makefile.in: fix copyright date

        * aclocal.m4: add --with-man2html


        * configure: regen

        * configure.in:
        tic functions may/may not be bundled with ncurses.  Add a configure check
        which works with pkg-config, also handling renaming of library used in
        the test-packages for ncurses6

        * package/debian/rules: use ncurses6 package

        * configure: regen

        * configure.in: fix order of evaluation for CF_PKG_CONFIG


        * configure.in:
        use CF_WITH_NCURSES_ETC, but disable the pdcurses flavor

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: use CF_WITH_NCURSES_ETC

        * control.c: workaround for glibc header defect

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf

        * tack.h, package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec: bump


        * config.guess: update to 2015-03-04

        * config.sub: update to 2015-03-08


        * init.c: copyright-date

        * init.c: typo

        * fun.c: copyright-date

        * fun.c: fix warnings from clang 3.3 --analyze

        * scan.c: copyright-date

        * scan.c: fix warnings from clang 3.3 --analyze

        * init.c:
        add error check to setupterm call; ncurses does in fact allow hardcopy and
        generic terminal descriptions (Debian #716377).

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4, configure.in:
        to fix unexpanded variables in Makefile.in

        * package/debian/changelog, tack.h, package/tack.spec: bump

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf:
        + add 3rd parameter to AC_DEFINE's to allow autoheader to run
          (several macros)
        + CF_MAKE_DOCS: apply workaround from xterm #288 for html output
        + CF_ACVERSION_CHECK: change from byacc to work around long-ago
          breakage in autoconf
        + CF_GCC_VERSION: amend workarounds to accommodate Debian's
          modification of version-message
        + CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS: new macro
        + remove unused macros


        * config.sub, config.guess: update to 2013-02-04


        * configure, configure.in:
        add check for long filenames to define HAVE_LONG_FILE_NAMES, needed to choose
        larger limit for MAX_ALIAS (the actual length of a terminal description's name)

        * edit.c: fix Solaris compiler warning

        * tack.c: ensure that $TERM is set and is not too large

        * configure, configure.in, aclocal.m4:
        add --disable-rpath-hack to simplify ports to Solaris

        * edit.c: build-fix for g++

        * configure, aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf:
        - add CF_CLANG_COMPILER to tune strict warnings for clang
        - modify CF_CURSES_LIBS to check for tinfo library
        - modify CF_PATH_SYNTAX to allow for variables such as ${datadir}

        * configure, configure.in: remove unused checks for header-files

2012-09-16  Adrian.Bunk

        * configure, configure.in, aclocal.m4, ncurses_tst.hin, sysdep.c, tack.h, Makefile.in:
        - remove fallback definitions for "const" and "inline" from ncurses_tst.hin
        - remove unused AC_HEADER_TIME configure check
        - remove the obsolete CF_SYS_TIME_SELECT configure check
        - change the autoconf prerequisite to "2.52" (noting that the patched 2.52 is
          actually required)
        - remove configure-checks for AWK and LN_S variables


        * Makefile.in: datarootdir is now needed for mandir
        remove unused includedir and datadir

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump

        * configure: regen (will support --datarootdir with this)


        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: add CF_MAKE_DOCS
        update CF_GCC_WARNINGS for old gcc's whose pointer-arithmetic warnings were bogus.

        * configure.in:
        use CF_MAKE_DOCS rule in makefile for generating html/pdf/txt versions of manpages.

        * color.c: copyright-date

        * color.c:
        corrected check for ncv (no_color_video), which did not handle the case when
        all video attributes should work.

        * color.c:
        add/use init_palette() and reset_palette() to restore the 0-7 ANSI colors
        to sane values after running the change-colors tests.  Without some specific
        knowledge of the terminal (terminfo does not provide this), it is not possible
        to restore the original colors.


        * charset.c: add a test for "eslok" capability

        * charset.c: copyright-date

        * configure: regen

        * configure.in:
        the last change could produce unbalanced quote with certain shells - check
        for that and repair it (report by Samuel Bronson).


        * fun.c: gcc warning

        * configure: regen

        * configure.in: Solaris' "set" does not quote - fix with sed.

        * configure: regen

        * configure.in:
        substitution for --disable-echo feature did not work with FreeBSD 7.2;
        work around using output of shell's "set" command.  Also remove CF_PRG_RULES
        which is not needed.

        * aclocal.m4: remove CF_PRG_RULES - unused

        * sysdep.c, scan.c, output.c, ansi.c, edit.c, control.c, fun.c, sync.c, tack.h:
        strict gcc 4.1.2 warnings with CentOS 5.7 64-bit

        * init.c, tack.c:
        quiet unnecesary warning about ignoring return-value from system()

        * configure:
        regen with ac252 20120303 to work with Intel 12.0.3 compiler

        * tack.h:
        quiet unnecesary warning about ignoring return-value from system()


        * configure: regen

        * output.c: icc9 warning

        * configure.in: LIBS_CURSES_symbol is redundant - remove

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump-version

        * tack.h: quiet gcc -Wundef warnings
        also quiet two no-return cases when configuring with no-leaks option.

        * configure.in:
        Add CF_ERRNO, CF_LINK_DATAONLY checks with supporting macros to address
        gcc -Wundef warnings about DECL_ERRNO and BROKEN_LINKER symbols.

        * configure.in:
        add EXTRA_CFLAGS to CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS (report by Samuel Bronson)

        * aclocal.m4:
        Add CF_ERRNO, CF_LINK_DATAONLY checks with supporting macros to address
        gcc -Wundef warnings about DECL_ERRNO and BROKEN_LINKER symbols.


        * Makefile.in: copyright date

2012-02-29  Werner.Fink

        * Makefile.in, configure.in:
        Update configure-script and makefile template to work with this post-5.9
        change, allowing build of tack within the ncurses source-tree:

                + modify configure script and makefiles to split TIC_ARGS and
                  TINFO_ARGS into pieces corresponding to LDFLAGS and LIBS variables,
                  to help separate searches for tic- and tinfo-libraries (patch by Nick
                  Alcock aka "Nix").

        The change is prompted by review of OpenSUSE package by Werner Fink, using
        a patch from the rpm source file:
                ncurses-5.9-tack-tinfo.dif (2011-11-18)

        and discarding
                ncurses-5.7-tack.dif (2010-01-12)

        because the latter breaks builds with libtool -TD


        * configure: regen

        * configure.in:
        add $ECHO_CC to AC_OUTPUT logic, overlooked in echo-fixes

        * tack.h, package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec: bump

        * configure.in:
        add configure check to determine if we have tinfo library, and further if
        tack needs intermediate ncurses library to link.

        * configure.in: always check for _nc_tic_expand

        * configure.in:
        use CF_DISABLE_ECHO (prompted by patch by Samuel Bronson).

        * aclocal.m4: add CF_DISABLE_ECHO macro

        * aclocal.m4: resync with-my-autoconf:
        + add/use CF_ACVERSION_CHECK to support lookup with AC_CHECK_TOOLS vs
          AC_PATH_PROGS for ncurses*-config script in CF_NCURSES_CONFIG
        + modify CF_ANSI_CC_CHECK to check for environment variable $CC, which
          conflicts with usage for curses applications.
        + modify CF_CURSES_LIBS to check for OpenBSD "otermcap" library.
        + new macro CF_TRY_XOPEN_SOURCE
        + modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE to omit Solaris-specific __EXTENSIONS__ definition
          where possible.  This led to adding workarounds for Darwin, IRIX64, MirBSD,
          OpenBSD as well as configure check with CF_TRY_XOPEN_SOURCE.  Also modify
          version pattern for newer AIX systems,


        * config.guess, config.sub: update to 2012-02-10


        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4:
        update CF_CURSES_HEADER, looking for ncurses.h ahead of curses.h for
        consistency with CF_NCURSES_HEADER

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump

2011-06-26  Daniel.Weaver

        * ansi.c:
        minor bug-fix to show "GR" label in appropriate ANSI character-sets.

        * tack.1: update email address

        * scan.wy150: New file.


        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4, configure.in: add check for lint program

        * output.c, fun.c: gcc warning

        * color.c: fix clang warnings

        * output.c: fix clang warnings
        ensure that EOF is tested properly on return from getchp()

        * fun.c: fix clang warning

        * crum.c: copyright-date

        * crum.c: fix clang warning

        * fun.c: ensure that EOF is checked for return-value from getchp()
        (report by Joachim Schmitz)

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf, many fixes

        * package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump


        * config.sub: update to 2011-04-01


        * config.guess: update to 2011-01-01


        * package/tack.spec, package/debian/rules, package/debian/docs, package/debian/copyright, package/debian/control, package/debian/watch, package/debian/changelog, package/debian/source/format:

        * package/RCS, package/debian/RCS, package/debian/source/RCS:

        * tack.c, tack.h: add patch-date to version message



        * sysdep.c, sync.c, init.c, fun.c, output.c, scan.c, control.c:

        * fun.c: indent

        * Makefile.in: add dummy for "make check".

        * tack.h, tack.c, sysdep.c, sync.c, scan.c: indent

        * pad.c: copyright-date

        * pad.c, output.c: indent

        * modes.c: copyright-date

        * modes.c: indent

        * menu.c: copyright-date

        * menu.c, init.c, fun.c, edit.c, crum.c, control.c, color.c, charset.c, ansi.c:


        * package/debian/compat: RCS_BASE


        * configure:
        regen to get new macros, as well as to use autoconf-252 (patched)

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf (many changes)

        * Makefile.in: drop mkdirs.sh, just use mkdir -p

        * control.c, tack.c, sysdep.c, sync.c: strict gcc warnings

        * init.c: check if baudrate() returns ERR, use 1 if so.

        * fun.c, edit.c, pad.c, scan.c, charset.c: strict gcc warnings

        * tack.h: bump to 1.07

        * HISTORY: reason for release

        * ansi.c, output.c, menu.c: strict gcc warnings

        * edit.c:
        fix an incorrect malloc-size in show_report(), which could cause core-dump
        when displaying long list of function-keys, e.g., for xterm-new


        * config.guess, config.sub: update to 2009-11-20


        * edit.c:
        as of 2007/8/12, ncurses no longer exports the data _nc_info_hash_table.
        Instead, use the function _nc_get_hash_table(), which is in ncurses 5.0


        * HISTORY:
        tweak to build with latest ncurses (does not rely on new api's)


        * HISTORY, tack.h: mark 1.05

        * configure: regen'd

        * configure.in: update LIB_LINK symbol to match CF_WITH_LIBTOOL change

        * tack.h: use SIG_ATOMIC_T

        * sysdep.c:
        move include of <signal.h> to tack.h so SIG_ATOMIC_T definition works.

        * tack.c: use EXIT_FAILURE/EXIT_SUCCESS

        * sysdep.c: use EXIT_FAILURE/EXIT_SUCCESS
        use SIG_ATOMIC_T

        * output.c: add braces for readability

        * tack.h: trim whitespace

        * scan.c, init.c: use EXIT_FAILURE/EXIT_SUCCESS

        * configure.in, aclocal.m4: add CF_SIG_ATOMIC_T

        * control.c: use SIG_ATOMIC_T

        * Makefile.in:
        update $(LINK) to work with ncurses after importing CF_WITH_LIBTOOL change
        that moved $(CC) into $(LIBTOOL_LINK) symbol.


        * configure: regen'd

        * Makefile.in: define $(INCDIR) - needed for building in ncurses tree

        * tack.h:
        expand the ExitProgram() macro into a function which can call the ncurses-
        and tack-specific leak-auditing functions.

        * configure.in:
        check for _nc_free_tic() function, since that's what tack needs.

        * edit.c: add tack_edit_leaks(), to help audit memory leaks

        * tack.c:
        add ExitProgram() function, to free all application memory on exit to simplify

        * fun.c: add tack_fun_leaks(), to help audit memory leaks

        * init.c: free the TERMTYPE used just for error-checking (memory leak)

        * tack.h:
        define ExitProgram() macro to hide details of memory audit on exit().

        * tack.c, init.c, sysdep.c: use ExitProgram() macro

        * configure.in: add "--disable-leaks" and related testing options.

        * aclocal.m4:
        add macros used for "--disable-leaks" and related testing options

        * configure.in:
        use CF_NCURSES_CONFIG to find ncurses5-config, etc., fixing rpath issues.
        add check for ticlib, if needed.  remove check for pdcurses (this will
        never work with anything except for ncurses), and add checks for select()
        and gettimeofday().

        * aclocal.m4:
        modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE to add FreeBSD/GNU (kFreeBSD) pattern

        * Makefile.in: rename mkinstalldirs to mkdirs.sh

        * HISTORY: 1.04


        * ansi.c, output.c: fixes from Coverity report


        * mkdirs.sh: RCS_BASE


        * HISTORY: tack's out of ncurses now.

        * Makefile.in: make install rule work

        * tack.h: bump to 1.03

        * Makefile.in: first cut of installing manpage

        * Makefile.in: tweaks to work after chopping out of ncurses tree


        * HISTORY: update to 1.03



        * Makefile.in: FROM_KEYS

        * configure: RCS_BASE

        * configure.in, aclocal.m4: FROM_KEYS


        * modules: FROM_KEYS


        * config.guess: RCS_BASE


        * config.sub: RCS_BASE


        * output.c: FROM_KEYS

        * modes.c: from ncurses

        * init.c, fun.c: FROM_KEYS

        * crum.c: from ncurses

        * color.c, charset.c, tack.h: FROM_KEYS


        * control.c, edit.c: FROM_KEYS


        * sync.c: FROM_KEYS


        * tack.1: FROM_KEYS


        * ansi.c, pad.c, sysdep.c: FROM_KEYS

        * menu.c, scan.c, tack.c: from ncurses

        * COPYING: fix address


        * install-sh: resync with my-autoconf


        * mkinstalldirs: RCS_BASE


        * install-sh: RCS_BASE


        * HISTORY: nit

        * init.c: tweak to make this build after renaming as per Alexander


        * edit.c: add param to _nc_tic_expand()


        * Makefile.in: updates to sync with ncurses 4.2


        * ncurses_tst.hin: FROM_KEYS

1998-01-09  Daniel.Weaver

        * tack.c, Makefile.in, tack.h, control.c, color.c, charset.c, ansi.c, sysdep.c, sync.c, scan.c, pad.c, output.c, modes.c, menu.c, init.c, fun.c, edit.c, crum.c, HISTORY, COPYING:


        * tack.h: moved ncurses' externs to tic.h

        * edit.c: split-out _nc_tic_expand(), as per DW's request.

        * sysdep.c: nits (we don't _need_ time.h?)

        * tack.h: SCO's compiler doesn't like array-of-const


        * control.c: work with no 'gettimeofday()'
        workaround for SCO 3.x compiler which gets confused by array of const.

        * output.c, edit.c, fun.c: SCO's compiler doesn't like array-of-const

        * ansi.c: SCO's compiler: parameter promotion warnings.


        * tack.h: first cut of fixes for AIX/SCO/CLIX

        * sysdep.c, control.c: first cut of fixes for AIX/CLIX/SCO


        * ansi.c, charset.c, control.c, crum.c, edit.c, fun.c, init.c, menu.c, modes.c, output.c, scan.c, sync.c, sysdep.c, tack.c:
        integration with ncurses: restructured includes, fix gcc warnings

        * pad.c:
        integration with ncurses: restructures includes, fix gcc warnings

        * color.c: typo

        * tack.h:
        integration with ncurses: reordered headers, provide fallback definitions
        for the stuff we get from ncurses_cfg.h, make some stuff const.

        * Makefile.in: use HAVE_SELECT from configure-script

        * color.c:
        integration with ncurses: move most headers into tack.h, fix gcc warnings

        * Makefile.in: we'll have a config.h (actually ncurses_cfg.h)

        * modules: set base-subset

1997-12-24  Daniel.Weaver

        * HISTORY: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-12-22  Daniel.Weaver

        * ansi.c, tack.1: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-12-02  Daniel.Weaver

        * tack.c, init.c: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-11-30  Daniel.Weaver

        * edit.c: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-11-29  Daniel.Weaver

        * charset.c, pad.c: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-11-07  Daniel.Weaver

        * sync.c, fun.c, crum.c, modes.c, control.c, sysdep.c, output.c, tack.h:

1997-11-04  Daniel.Weaver

        * Makefile.in, menu.c: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-11-03  Daniel.Weaver

        * scan.c, color.c, modules: ncurses-4.1-971220

1997-10-29  Daniel.Weaver

        * control.c, fun.c: ncurses-4.1-971101

1997-10-26  Daniel.Weaver

        * makefile, edit.c, tack.h, sync.c: ncurses-4.1-971101

1997-10-25  Daniel.Weaver

        * pad.c, tack.1: ncurses-4.1-971101

1997-10-19  Daniel.Weaver

        * tack.c, sysdep.c, scan.c, output.c, modes.c, menu.c, init.c, crum.c, color.c, charset.c, ansi.c, HISTORY:

1997-10-11  dickey@clark.net

        * RCS: PERMIT FILE

1997-10-06  Daniel.Weaver

        * makefile, tac.h, tack.c: ncurses-4.1-971011

1997-10-04  Daniel.Weaver

        * control.c, fun.c, sync.c, init.c, pad.c, modes.c, sysdep.c:

1997-10-03  Daniel.Weaver

        * charset.c, output.c, edit.c, crum.c: ncurses-4.1-971011

1997-10-02  Daniel.Weaver

        * menu.c: ncurses-4.1-971011

1997-09-29  Daniel.Weaver

        * color.c, ansi.c: ncurses-4.1-971011

1997-09-28  Daniel.Weaver

        * tic.h: ncurses-4.1-971011

1997-09-22  Daniel.Weaver

        * scan.c: ncurses-4.1-971011