Change-Log for ATAC

        * atacysis/trace.c: gcc warnings

        * atacysis/srcfile_name.c: use const

        * atacysis/tab_disp.c, atacysis/lib.c: gcc warnings

        * atacysis/gmatch.c: use const
        this rippled through to require a third parameter (caller was temporarily
        setting a nul).

        * atac_i/deparse.c: gcc warnings

        * atac_i/error.c: use const

        * configure: regen

        * portable.h:
        adding CF_XOPEN_SOURCE broke the nested mess of ifdef's - hack it for now.

        * aclocal.m4, add CF_XOPEN_SOURCE

        * atacysis/pro.c, atacysis/main.c, atacysis/static.c, atacysis/greedy.c, atacysis/disp.c, atacysis/summary.c, atacysis/columns.c, atacysis/eval.c:
        gcc warnings

        * atacysis/atacysis.h: use const

        * atacysis/fdisp.c, atacysis/pdisp.c, atacysis/bdisp.c: gcc warnings

        * atacysis/ddisp.c: use const

        * atacysis/cdisp.c: gcc warnings

        * atacysis/disp.h, atacysis/prev.c, atacysis/ramfile.h: use const

        * atacysis/pat_match.c: gcc warnings

        * atacysis/atactm.c, atacysis/vms_disp.c: use const

        * atacysis/atac_to_bin.c: gcc warnings

        * atacysis/tmerror.c: use const

        * atacysis/highest.c: gcc warnings

        * atac_i/fg_module.c: formatting

        * atac_i/sym.h, atac_i/print_sym.c, atac_i/const.c, atac_i/tree.c, atac_i/scan.c, atac_i/list.c, atac_i/list.h, atac_i/error.h, atacysis/error.c:
        use const

        * atac_i/deparse.h: include-guard

        * atacysis/pack.h: include portable.h to declare "byte"

        * atacysis/ramfile.h, atacysis/atacysis.h, atacysis/disp.h, portable.h, tools/hili.c, atac_i/error.c, atac_i/alldu.c, atac_i/tree.c, atacysis/atac_to_bin.c, atacysis/lib.c, atac_i/Pgram.y, atac_i/dug.h, atac_i/allpaths.h, atac_i/list.h, atac_i/flowgraph.h, atac_i/error.h, atac_i/reglist.h, atac_i/table.h, atac_i/strtab.h, atac_i/upfix.h, atacysis/pack.h, atacysis/rlist.h, atac_i/tnode.h, atac_i/sym.h, atac_i/srcpos.h, atac_i/scan.h, atac_i/bitvec.h, atac_i/hook.h, atac_i/tree.h, atacysis/man.h, atac_i/deparse.h:
        remove K&R stuff

        * tools/min.c, tools/hili.c: converted to ANSI and indent'd

        * tools/atac_rt.c, atacysis/lib.c: kill-Log-comment

        * atacysis/error.c, atacysis/bdisp.c, atacysis/atac_to_bin.c, atacysis/prev.c, atacysis/greedy.c, atacysis/srcfile_name.c, atacysis/ddisp.c, atacysis/static.c, atacysis/tab_disp.c, atacysis/atactm.c, atacysis/dump.c, atacysis/init.c, atacysis/tmerror.c, atacysis/disp.c, atacysis/columns.c, atacysis/pro.c, atacysis/main.c, atacysis/risk.c, atacysis/pack.c, atacysis/eval.c, atacysis/trace.c, atacysis/mem.c, atacysis/rlist.c, atacysis/highest.c, atacysis/summary.c, atacysis/pat_match.c, atacysis/gmatch.c, atacysis/pdisp.c, atacysis/cdisp.c, atacysis/fdisp.c, atacysis/vector.c, atacysis/print.c, atacysis/vms_disp.c, atac_i/Pgram.y:
        converted to ANSI and indent'd

        * atac_i/const.c, atac_i/tnode.c, atac_i/fg_stmt.c: kill-Log-comment

        * atac_i/print_sym.c, atac_i/type.c, atac_i/tree.c, atac_i/fg_module.c, atac_i/sym.c, atac_i/scan.c, atac_i/list.c, atac_i/error.c, atac_i/deparse.c, atac_i/srcpos.c, atac_i/dug.c, atac_i/mark.c, atac_i/filestamp.c, atac_i/alldu.c, atac_i/paths.c, atac_i/allpaths.c, atac_i/fg_expr.c, atac_i/strtab.c, atac_i/upfix.c, atac_i/parser.c, atac_i/table.c, atac_i/reglist.c:
        converted to ANSI and indent'd

        * atac_i/atac_i.c: convert to ANSI, indent'd


        * tools/loguse: make the MAILTO go to the local machine

        * configure: regen

        * aclocal.m4: use CF_PROG_CC
        remove unused macros

        * use CF_PROG_CC
        drop long-obsolete check for td_config

        * atac_i/, atacysis/, atac_cpp/, tools/
        updated no-echo markers

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf

        * bump prerequisites

        * use "mkdir -p" rather than "" script


        * config.sub: 2013-10-01


        * config.guess: 2013-06-10


        * configure: regen'd

        * tools/atac_rt.c: convert to ANSI, indent'd

        * atacysis/lib.c: converted to ANSI, indent'd

        * atac_i/scan.c: convert to ANSI, indent'd

        * atac_i/sym.c:
        convert to ANSI, indent'd.  Use childX() functions rather than CHILDx()
        macros to quiet gcc 4.3.2 warnings about reuse of macro_n in parameters.

        * atac_i/const.c:
        converted to ANSI, indent'd.  Use childX() functions rather than CHILDx()
        macros to quiet gcc 4.3.2 warnings.

        * atac_i/fg_stmt.c:
        convert to ANSI, indent'd.  Use childX() functions rather than CHILDx()
        macros to eliminate gcc 4.3.2 warnings about reuse of macro_n variable
        in parameter lists.

        * atac_i/tnode.c: convert to ANSI, indent'd

        gcc 4.x treats integer overflow differently; change the check for number
        of bits to unsigned types to avoid infinite loop.

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf


        * config.guess: 2008-04-14

        * config.sub: 2008-06-16


        * resync with my-autoconf


        * changes/atac_20070211.txt: RCS_BASE

        * configure: regen'd

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf


        * config.guess: 2006-12-22


        * config.sub: 2006-12-03


        * changes/atac_20050814.txt: RCS_BASE

        * tools/atacCC:
        make this work with gcc 2.95.3 (ignore __extension__ and __restrict keywords)

        * tools/atacCC:
        improve computation of $GCC_BASE and $GCC_VERS using gcc options.
        use $TMPDIR to allow overriding temp-file location.

        * atac_cpp/cccp.c: fix some gcc warnings (missing initializers)

        * tools/atacLD:
        use $TMPDIR to allow temporary directory to be overridden.

        * atacysis/error.c: gcc warnings

        * tools/atac_rt.c: gcc warning

        * atacysis/bdisp.c: gcc warnings

        * portable.h: include string.h and ctype.h
        turn on prototypes in cccp

        * atacysis/atac_to_bin.c, atacysis/prev.c, atacysis/greedy.c, atacysis/srcfile_name.c, atacysis/ddisp.c, atacysis/static.c:
        gcc warnings

        * atac_i/list.c: gcc warning (implicit type)

        * atac_i/error.c, atac_i/deparse.c, atac_i/srcpos.c, atac_i/dug.c:
        gcc warnings


        * atac_i/fg_module.c, atac_i/mark.c: gcc warnings

        * atac_cpp/cccp.c:
        fixes prompted by bug report (reporter missed the strerror fix):
        Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 18:57:52 +0100
        From: Ralph Corderoy <>
        Subject: Re: atac Doesn't Compile These Days.

        Hi Thomas,

        > thanks.  I hadn't done much with atac recently, since Linux's header
        > files are widely infested with the compound statements, etc.

        A closer look showed atac was already autoconf'd to cope with stdarg.h
        or varargs.h but it looks like the test is wrong.  It checks for
        HAVE_VPRINTF but autoconf has been told to check for vfprintf() which is
        what the code actually calls..

        * portable.h: include stdlib.h to get exit() prototype

        * atac_i/atac_i.c: portable.h now always includes stdio.h

        * portable.h: quieted some of the -Wundef warnings

        * configure: regenerated after updating aclocal.m4

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf

        * require current 2.13 patchlevel


        * config.sub: resync: 2005/6/2

        * config.guess: resync: 2005/5/27


        * install-sh: RCS_BASE

        * resync with my-autoconf


        * resync with my-autoconf


        * changes/atac_19980919.txt: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/srcpos.c:
        spell out line and col words for clarity in the source-position

        * atac_i/error.c:
        change error-message format to put filename, line, col before the message
        to make it simpler to parse with vile's error-finder

        * atac_i/deparse.c: add a cast for 2nd param of aTaC function

        * atac_cpp/cexp.y:
        fix some implicit-function warnings, and a missing-parenthesis warning

        * atac_i/dug.c:
        fix some gcc warnings (make the ZIDENT const, prototype aTaC, and bracket
        empty-Zpath data)

        * atacysis/tab_disp.c: int/size_t compiler warning


        * tutorial/ whitespace

        * configure: 980823

        * changes/atac_19980823.txt: RCS_BASE

        * tools/atac_rt.c:
        moved timestamp code into 'write_timestamp()', documented Y2K impact (none).

        * aclocal.m4: don't need CF_FUNC_TGETENT anyway

        * don't need CF_FUNC_TGETENT here

        * aclocal.m4:
        modified the tgetent test to eliminate one instance of duplicate library

        moved the tgetent test up so we can turn off those libraries for the general
        case of $LIBS

        * tools/hili.c:
        fix gcc warnings for both termcap and terminfo configurations.

        * atacysis/, atac_i/
        suppress echo of link-command

        * atac_cpp/ suppress echo of link-command.

        * tools/
        remove trial/error build of hili (done in configure-script)

        * tools/min.c:
        fix most gcc warnings (except some cost stuff that will take study)

        * omit redundant output of config_h

        * aclocal.m4: use CF_TERMCAP_LIBS to find the termcap libraries

        mods to get rid of trial/error linking of hili against termcap or terminfo

        * atacysis/, atac_cpp/, tools/, tutorial/, atac_i/
        mods to support configure --srcdir

        don't pass CFLAGS to lower-levels, since autoconf does that properly.

        * add --disable-echo

        * aclocal.m4: add logic to support --disable-echo

        * README-TOO: I moved patches to changes subdirectory

        * add --with-ncurses option

        * aclocal.m4: updated with ncurses macros


        * CF_CURSES_TERMCAP needs preset variables

        * atacterm.h: RCS_BASE

        * aclocal.m4: resync with my macros, including termcap/curses headers


        * config.guess: 980823


        * config.sub: 980823


        * changes/atac_19971211.txt: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/scan.c:
        make yylex() return a negative value on end-of-file, rather than bogus
        ENDFILE symbol.

        * atac_i/Pgram.y: remove unused/misleading symbol ENDFILE.


        * atac_i/dug.c: corrected pointer types to compile cleanly.

        turn off suffixes (so GNU make doesn't convert to install).
        modify distclean rule to preserve config.guess and config.sub

        * tools/atac_rt.c:
        simplified/corrected ifdef's for atexit() vs on_exit()


        * configure: 971211

        * config.guess, config.sub: RCS_BASE

        * aclocal.m4:

        * atac_i/table.h: define/use TABLE_DATATYPE

        * atac_i/error.c: ifdef'd to build with K&R compiler.

        moved TARGET_xxx to, because td_config doesn't grok them.

        * tools/hili.c: prototyped outchar()

        * atacysis/static.c: simplified ifdef

        * portable.h: simplified ifdefs for atexit() and on_exit()

        * atac_i/ use $(YACC) rather than 'yacc'

        to simplify/modularize this.  also, moved some fixed #define's here,
        since td_config doesn't parse them properly.

        * atac_i/list.h: use P_ macro to allow K&R build


        * atac_i/mark.c: cast dug->fname to cover up special marker() case

        * atac_i/fg_module.c: moved externs to atac_i.h

        * atac_i/atac_i.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/atac_i.c: use TNODE* instead of void*

        * atac_i/filestamp.c: move 'filestamp()' prototype to srcpos.h

        * atac_i/srcpos.h: add 'filestamp()' prototype

        * atac_i/alldu.c: repair int/SYM* cast with macro ID_SYM.
        correct int/ulong type of prev_adu_count.

        * atac_i/paths.c:
        repair int/SYM* casts with ID_SYM/VAR_ID macros, use SYM* where applicable

        * atac_i/allpaths.c, atac_i/scan.c: int/size_t fixes.

        * atac_i/fg_expr.c: moved externs to header file

        * atac_i/fg_stmt.c: moved externs to header-file

        * atac_i/sym.h: moved extern-declaration of decis_sym here.

        * atac_i/strtab.c: int/size_t fix

        * atac_i/upfix.c, atac_i/upfix.h: int/size_t fixes

        * atac_i/dug.h: add macros ID_SYM and VAR_ID

        * atac_i/deparse.c: int/size_t fix.
        correct char* cast of n->sym.hook.type

        * atac_i/parser.c: use TNODE* instead of void*

        * atac_i/Pgram.y: move 'parse()' prototype to header file

        * atac_i/tnode.h: add prototypes for parse(), deparse()


        * add EXTRA_CFLAGS


        * atac_i/, atacysis/, tools/, atac_cpp/, tutorial/
        add EXTRA_CFLAGS

        * aclocal.m4: RCS_BASE

        * atacysis/static.c: quick hack to prototype the qsort compare-function

        * atac_i/error.c:
        change type of internal_error() to int, since it is used in expression.

        * portable.h:
        quick hack to use autoconf symbol for saying we do prototypes

        * atac_i/Pgram.y:
        move <stdio.h> down below the include for config.h so we have const

        * atac_i/error.h:
        change type of internal_error to 'int' since it is used in expression.


        * atac_i/table.c:
        correct some places in the last changes where we need a pointer to int.


        * atac_i/scan.c: add __inline, since gcc uses it...

        correct conflict between --enable-warnings and --enable-debug

        * tools/min.c: gcc warnings (size_t/int/long/unsigned long)

        * tools/atac_rt.c: Linux's atexit() expects void function.


        * atac_i/table.c: cast 'intcmp' function to 'CMP'

        * check existence of 'rename()'

        * tools/atac_rt.c: fix missing return values

        * atacysis/atactm.c: ifdef'd "rename()" fallback for configure-script

        * atac_i/alldu.c: missed a NULL used as int

        * atac_i/paths.c: missed a NULL used as int.


        * changes/atac_19970511.txt: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/paths.c: fix most gcc warnings

        * atac_i/error.c: include tnode.h

        * atac_i/srcpos.c: remove redundant prototypes

        * atac_i/deparse.c: corrent sprintf-format

        * atac_i/sym.h: correct sign in QUAL_OVERFLOW

        * portable.h: correct sign in LURSHIFT

        * atac_i/error.h: use gcc 'noreturn' attribute

        * atac_i/parser.c, atac_i/atac_i.c: add includes to get prototypes

        * atac_i/tnode.h: add prototypes for sym.c, and include srcpos.h

        * atac_i/sym.c: move prototypes to tnode.h
        rename sym() to do_sym() to avoid variable-shadowing warnings

        * atac_i/dug.h: add prototypes for mark.c, paths.c, alldu.c

        * atac_i/allpaths.c: split-out allpaths.h, fix compiler warnings.

        * atac_i/fg_module.c: include allpaths.h

        * atac_i/allpaths.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/alldu.c:
        remove redundant prototypes, fix compiler warnings for list.c interface

        * atac_i/mark.c: correct gcc warnings

        * atac_i/upfix.c, atac_i/upfix.h: use size_t

        * atac_i/sym.c: include reglist.h

        * atac_i/sym.h: add prototypes for print_sym.c

        * atac_i/reglist.c: split-out reglist.h

        * atac_i/reglist.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/print_sym.c:
        correct gcc warnings, including an erroneous call on internal_error()

        * atac_i/tnode.h: add prototypes for type.c

        * atac_i/type.c: moved prototypes to tnode.h

        * atac_i/strtab.c: use ID_TYPE to correct prototype for strtab_insert()

        * atac_i/scan.c: use ID_TYPE to fix mismatches

        * atac_i/strtab.h:
        define ID_TYPE, to correct prototype for strtab_insert()

        * atac_i/list.h: add LIST_PREV macro

        * atac_i/dug.h: correct prototypes for du_use, du_use_type

        * atac_i/dug.c: corrected prototypes for du_use, du_use_type

        * atac_i/table.c: rename DATA to TABLE_DATATYPE

        * atac_i/list.c: rename DATA to LIST_DATATYPE

        * atac_i/table.h: rename DATA to TABLE_DATATYPE

        * atac_i/list.h: rename DATA to LIST_DATATYPE

        * atac_i/tnode.h: include sym.h to declare CONST_VALUE

        * atac_i/tree.c: moved prototypes to tnode.h

        * atac_i/fg_module.c: split-out flowgraph.h
        correct type of global_defs to 'LIST*'

        * atac_i/fg_stmt.c: split-out flowgraph.h, compile-clean

        * atac_i/flowgraph.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/fg_expr.c: split-out flowgraph.h, compile-clean

        * atac_i/fg_expr.c:
        make this compile clean against dug.h with all prototypes from dug.c

        * atac_i/dug.h: move prototypes for dug.c here (first cut)

        * atac_i/dug.c:
        second cut of prototyping, moved prototypes to dug.h, cleanup against fg_expr.c

        * atac_i/tnode.h: use prototypes for srcpos.c

        * atac_i/list.h: rename LINK to LIST, for consistency
        add macros that supply casts where we'll need them

        * atac_i/dug.h: include list.h, to define LIST-type rather than dummy

        * atac_i/list.c: rename type from LINK to LIST, for consistency

        * atac_i/list.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/list.c: split-out list.h


        * atac_i/scan.c: absorb srcpos.h into error.h
        correct type of strtab variable.

        * atac_i/strtab.c: split-out strtab.h

        * atac_i/strtab.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/sym.h: add prototypes for const.c, which use this module

        * atac_i/dug.c, atac_i/deparse.c, atac_i/allpaths.c, atac_i/tree.c, atac_i/tnode.c, atac_i/srcpos.c, atac_i/print_sym.c, atac_i/paths.c, atac_i/mark.c:
        absorb srcpos.h into error.h

        * atac_i/
        first cut of restructuring (must update dependencies)

        * atac_i/fg_module.c, atac_i/fg_expr.c, atac_i/type.c, atac_i/sym.c, atac_i/fg_stmt.c, atac_i/const.c:
        absorb srcpos.h into error.h

        * atac_i/table.h: strcmp matches CMP better if I use const

        * atac_i/Pgram.y: absorb srcpos.h into error.h

        * atac_i/error.c: rewrote using <stdarg.h> and vfprintf.

        * atac_i/error.h, atac_i/upfix.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/upfix.c: split-out upfix.h

        * atac_i/table.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_i/table.c: split-out table.h

        * atac_i/scan.h: add prototypes for scan.c

        * atac_i/tnode.h: prototype for print_tree


        * atac_cpp/, atac_i/, atacysis/, tools/, tutorial/

        * atac_i/dug.c: fix for SunOS K&R, which declares "int free()"
        casts to appease compiler


        * tools/hili.c, tools/min.c, tools/atac_rt.c:
        gcc warnings (missing prototypes)

        * configure: RCS_BASE

        * sys/wait.h, AC_TYPE_SIGNAL

        * tools/ mods for autoconf

        * missed a Makefile/makefile conversion


        * changes/atac_19961112.txt: RCS_BASE

        * atacysis/tab_disp.c: ifdef'd unused code

        * atacysis/dump.c, atacysis/init.c, atacysis/tmerror.c:
        include <config.h> to declare 'const'

        * atacysis/man.h: change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc

        * atac_i/Pgram.y:
        undo redefinition of literal-tokens (e.g., ';' vs TOK_SEMICOLON).
        change def of AUTO to avoid conflict with bison's ENDFILE.
        add forward-ref prototypes.

        * atac_i/list.c, atac_i/const.c, atac_i/error.c, atac_i/strtab.c, atac_i/deparse.c, atac_i/mark.c, atac_i/table.c:
        change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc
        add forward-ref prototypes

        * atac_i/filestamp.c: change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc
        add forward-ref prototype

        * atac_i/atac_i.c, atac_i/type.c, atac_i/reglist.c, atac_i/tnode.c, atac_i/tree.c, atac_i/upfix.c:
        change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc
        add forward-ref prototypes

        * atac_i/dug.h: change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc

        * atac_i/tnode.h: change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc
        prototyped functions for tree.c, tnode.c

        * atac_i/scan.h, atac_i/srcpos.h, atac_i/sym.h, atac_i/bitvec.h:
        change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc

        * atac_i/hook.h: change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc.

        * atac_i/ convert to autoconf-template

        * atac_i/ converted to autoconf-template

        * atac_i/sym.c, atac_i/dug.c, atac_i/fg_expr.c, atac_i/fg_module.c, atac_i/fg_stmt.c:
        change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc
        add forward-ref prototypes

        * atac_i/scan.c: add forward-ref prototypes
        remove bizarre 'NULL' statements (a plain ';' works!)

        * atac_i/alldu.c, atac_i/allpaths.c, atac_i/paths.c, atac_i/srcpos.c, atac_i/print_sym.c:
        change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc
        add forward-ref prototypes

        * atac_i/tree.h: change ident to 'const' to quiet gcc


        * show cd/make (for tracing log with vile)
        lowercase makefiles throughout

        * atacysis/, tutorial/, atac_cpp/

        * generate all subdir-makefiles
        add test for yacc


        * changes/RCS, tutorial/RCS, tools/RCS, atacysis/RCS, atac_i/RCS, atac_cpp/RCS, RCS:


        * tools/ FROM_KEYS

        * atac_i/Pgram.y: add _something_ to handle ASM case

        * atac_cpp/cexp.y: fix for SunOS 4.x with 'cc' (no 'alloca()')

        * atacysis/srcfile_name.c: moved include

        * tools/Makefile: separate LINK from CC, to run Purify


        * changes/atac_19951230.txt: RCS_BASE


        * tools/predefs.list: add gnuc_minor

        * tools/atacCC: mods to support Linux aout vs ELF


        * atac.lsm, RCS_BASE

        * atac_cpp/cccp.c: use gcc 2.7.0's version

        * RCS_BASE

        * Version: document _this_ version

        * atac_i/scan.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        add keywords to work with gcc 2.7.0 (including logic to skip over ASM)

        * atacysis/Makefile: mods for autoconfig

        * atacysis/disp.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        correct sign-extension bug (computing centered title that may be wider than
        the maximum width).

        * atacysis/atac_to_bin.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig

        * atacysis/atactm.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        correct gcc warnings (shadowed variables).

        * atacysis/columns.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        correct gcc warnings (shadowed variables: columns, lines)

        * atacysis/bdisp.c: adjust headers, prototyped for auto-config

        * atacysis/eval.c, atacysis/greedy.c, atacysis/highest.c, atacysis/mem.c, atacysis/pack.c, atacysis/risk.c, atacysis/rlist.c, atacysis/summary.c, atacysis/trace.c:
        adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig

        * atacysis/lib.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        correct sign-extension in string-copy.

        * atacysis/main.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        corrected gcc warnings (wrong # of params for print_mod)

        * atacysis/prev.c, atacysis/pro.c, atacysis/static.c:
        adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        fix compiler warnings (casts).

        * atac_cpp/Makefile: mods for autoconfig

        * RCS_BASE



        * atacysis/tab_disp.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig

        * version.h: make 'version_h' const to avoid unused-variable warnings

        * atacmin.1: corrected (missing comment-marker) for log-comments

        * atacLD.1: corrected (missing comment-marker) for log comments


        * tools/atac: add $ATAC_PAGER environment variable

        * tools/atac_rt.c, tools/hili.c: fix gcc warnings (missing prototypes)

        * atac_i/paths.c, atac_i/allpaths.c, atac_i/alldu.c, atac_i/srcpos.c, atac_i/dug.c, atac_i/fg_expr.c, atac_i/fg_stmt.c, atac_i/dug.h:
        don't use NULL for int value!

        * atac_i/sym.c: handle SCB_INLINE, CLASSTYPE_INLINE

        * atac_i/tree.h: declare CLASSTYPE_INLINE

        * tools/vile-pager, atacysis/rlist.h, atacysis/pack.h: RCS_BASE

        * atacysis/ramfile.h, atacysis/pat_match.c, atacysis/gmatch.c, atacysis/atacysis.h, atacysis/init.c:
        adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig

        * atacysis/dump.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        correct gcc warnings (casts)

        * atacysis/pdisp.c, atacysis/cdisp.c, atacysis/ddisp.c, atacysis/fdisp.c, atacysis/vector.c:
        adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig

        * atacysis/print.c: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig
        correct gcc warnings (long vs int).

        * atacysis/error.c, atacysis/srcfile_name.c, atacysis/tmerror.c:
        adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig

        * portable.h: define P_ macro

        * atacysis/disp.h: adjust headers, prototyped for autoconfig


        * atac_i/Pgram.y:
        handle INLINE, ASM states.  Also declare ATTRIBUTE state.


        * atac_i/deparse.h: handle CLASSTYPE_INLINE

        * atac_i/sym.h: add SCB_INLINE

        * atac_i/fg_module.c: handle CLASSTYPE_INLINE

        * atac_i/print_sym.c: handle SCB_INLINE


        * atac_cpp/obstack.h, atac_cpp/obstack.c, atac_cpp/alloca.c:
        use gcc 2.7.0's version

        * atac_cpp/pcp.h: RCS_BASE

        * atac_cpp/cexp.y: use gcc 2.7.0's version


        * Version: RCS_BASE


        * RCS_BASE

1994-08-08  saul

        * atacysis/dump.c, portable.h, tools/atacCC: FROM_KEYS

1994-08-03  saul

        * atacysis/trace.c, atacysis/columns.c, tools/predefs.list, atac_cpp/cccp.c:

1994-07-11  saul

        * tools/hili.c: FROM_KEYS

1994-07-05  saul

        * tools/atac_rt.c: FROM_KEYS

1994-06-01  saul

        * atacysis/summary.c, atac_i/Pgram.y, atac_i/sym.c, atac_i/tree.h, atac_i/deparse.h:


        * RCS_BASE

1994-05-02  saul

        * atacysis/gmatch.c: FROM_KEYS

1994-04-21  saul

        * tools/loguse, tools/atacmin, tools/atacLD, tools/atac: FROM_KEYS

1994-04-18  saul

        * FROM_KEYS


        * tutorial/wc.c, tutorial/input1, tutorial/input2, tutorial/input3, tutorial/main.c:

1994-04-05  saul

        * atac_i/paths.c, README, atactm.1, atacmin.1, ataclib.1, atacLD.1, atacCC.1, atac.1, Makefile, atacysis/Makefile:


        * atac_i/dug.c: New file.

1994-04-04  jrh

        * tools/Makefile, atac_i/descrip.mms: FROM_KEYS

1994-04-04  saul

        * tools/min.c: FROM_KEYS


        * tutorial/Makefile: RCS_BASE

1994-04-04  saul

        * atacysis/vms_disp.c, atacysis/main.c, atacysis/atactm.c, atacysis/atac_to_bin.c, atacysis/rlist.c, atacysis/disp.c, atac_i/atac_i.c, atac_i/parser.c:

1994-04-04  jrh

        * atacysis/descrip.mms, atacysis/vector.c, atacysis/tmerror.c, atacysis/tab_disp.c, atacysis/static.c, atacysis/srcfile_name.c, atacysis/risk.c, atacysis/ramfile.h, atacysis/pro.c, atacysis/print.c, atacysis/prev.c, atacysis/pdisp.c, atacysis/pat_match.c, atacysis/pack.c, atacysis/mem.c, atacysis/man.h, atacysis/lib.c, atacysis/init.c, atacysis/highest.c, atacysis/greedy.c, atacysis/fdisp.c, atacysis/eval.c, atacysis/error.c, atacysis/disp.h, atacysis/ddisp.c, atacysis/cdisp.c, atacysis/bdisp.c, atacysis/atacysis.h, atac_cpp/descrip.mms, atac_cpp/Makefile, atac_cpp/vms_lbr.c, atac_cpp/version.c, atac_cpp/sio.c, atac_cpp/mvs_libget.c, atac_cpp/cexp.y, atac_cpp/alloca.c, atac_i/upfix.c, atac_i/type.c, atac_i/tree.c, atac_i/tnode.h, atac_i/tnode.c, atac_i/table.c, atac_i/sym.h, atac_i/strtab.c, atac_i/srcpos.h, atac_i/srcpos.c, atac_i/scan.h, atac_i/scan.c, atac_i/reglist.c, atac_i/print_sym.c, atac_i/mark.c, atac_i/list.c, atac_i/hook.h, atac_i/filestamp.c, atac_i/fg_stmt.c, atac_i/fg_module.c, atac_i/fg_expr.c, atac_i/error.c, atac_i/dug.h, atac_i/deparse.c, atac_i/const.c, atac_i/bitvec.h, atac_i/allpaths.c, atac_i/alldu.c, atac_i/Makefile, atac_i/, version.h:

1993-08-04  ewk

        * atac_cpp/obstack.c: FROM_KEYS

1992-11-06  saul

        * atac_cpp/tm.h, atac_cpp/obstack.h, atac_cpp/config.h: FROM_KEYS