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This site

I send mail or sign other files on more than one machine. My public keys are here, reflecting the email addresses that I use.

This website is It may also resolve to, however I never use the latter for referring to the website or its contents.

Email for this site

I use the associated email account

which is the same as

Associated names

I provide information regarding programs that I maintain via email, UseNet and other media. I usually identify myself using my name, rather than an alias. For example, depending on the media (working down from email to account names):

Thomas E. Dickey
Thomas Dickey

Given that, I do not consider myself anonymous.

Other names

There are rare exceptions.

For instance, starting around 2008 UseNet has become less accessible, and various web forums have largely replaced it. One drawback to these is that their content is controlled by a few individuals, who may overtly or silently modify the content and otherwise control access.

As a result, I am forced to use an alias for these web forums, with the corresponding user name in parentheses:

Guessing by the webpage's response, it seems that my name has been added to a list of disallowed usernames. However, there are numerous names in both forums which are offensive. So that idea lacks credibility.

Finally, there are a few forums where even that does not allow me to create an account (apparently rejecting my email address). My policy on those, is that if I am unable to provide corrected information, I will not use any information whatsoever from them.