sccs2rcs - build RCS file from SCCS file preserving deltas.


       sccs2rcs [options] [file-specifications]


       Sccs2rcs  reads  an  sccs  archive,  analyzes  its revision history and
       issues commands to the rcs checkin program to construct  an  equivalent
       rcs archive.


       This is an enhanced version of a utility sccstorcs, which translates an
       sccs archive into an rcs  archive.   The  program  reads  the  archive,
       extracts the version numbers and comments and applies them to construct
       an equivalent archive in rcs format.

       There are two enhancements made.  The fundamental change is  that  this
       utility preserves the time stamp information when translating.

       The  secondary  enhancement  detects  sccs  keywords  in  the file, and
       replaces them by an rcs identifier.  This works by  searching  for  the
       string  "@(#)"  in each line, and replacing from that point til the end
       of the line (or the next quote character) with the rcs "Id" keyword.

       When keyword replacement is specified, the utility  also  looks  for  a
       suitable  place  to  insert  the  rcs  "Log"  keyword.  It does this by
       scanning each line that begins with the same string specified  for  the
       comment-prefix  option,  skipping  whitespace and looking for (ignoring
       case) one of the following keywords, terminated by a colon:
              last, modified, revised, revision, updated, update


       -c string
              specifies the comment-prefix option in the rcs file.  You should
              use  this  option  when  you  use  the  "-e" option to translate

       -e     attempts to replace sccs keywords by rcs keywords.   Repeat  the
              option to also edit the Log-comment.

       -q     quiet, tells the sccs and rcs utilities to shut up.  This option
              is overridden by "-v".

       -v     verbose, controls the amount of messages that describe what  the
              program  is  doing.   Repeat this option to show the contents of
              the sccs file header.

       -t     shows what would be done, but doesn't do it.


       Sccs2rcs uses the following files

              A wrapper for the sccs  utility  get  that  checks  out  a  file
              keeping  its  modification time the same as the original checkin

              A wrapper  for  the  rcs  utility  ci  that  checks  in  a  file
              preserving its modification time.


       sccsfile (5), rcs (5), get (1), getdelta (1), checkin (1)


       Ken Greer
       Modified  by  Thomas Dickey ( to preserve time stamps,
       and to convert keywords.