Change-Log for OTHER-SCRIPTS

        * rcs2log: fix a case where ":" was split from the list of filenames


        * rcs2log: further refinement, merging trailing willfit vs pending

        * rcs2log: fix a missing chunk in wrapped lines


        * man2html:
        amend the hyphenation fix to account for href's pointing to a subdirectory.
        improve handling of hyphenated link by adding an option "-leftside" for
        the left-sides from hyphenated manpage names (with a short fallback for
        "apt", "cvs", "git", "sccs' and "sysv").


        * man2html:
        adapt Schilling's subsection change (suggested by Robert Clausecker)

        * man2html: fix the error which Schilling's diff introduced


        * man2html: source-in Schily's change, to test it
        the "lc" line produces a warning
        no change seen with ncurses manpages


        * gnathtml:
        revert the fix for sorting, because it does not take submenus into account

        * gnathtml:
        fix a few validation errors reported by tidy, and lowercase the html

        * gnathtml: change the function-index logic to sort consistently


        * rcs2log:
        fix a case in wrapping when the pending (unaccepted) word is long enough
        that it should force a new line, while the willfit (accepted) is empty.

        * rcs2log:
        add "-w" option, to wrap the list of files, because bulk-changes to testcases
        can make very long lines.

        * rcs2log: account for relative-path in "-p" option

        * rcs2log:
        add "-p" option, to allow showing permit-files but by default ignoring them

        * rcs2log:
        fix the easy shellcheck warnings (most of the remainder are false-positives)


        * gnathtml: formatting cleanup

        * gnathtml: merge from branch - gnat's not in CVS anymore :-)

        * gnathtml:
        change usage-message to a here-document, to simplify formatting

        * gnathtml:
        turn on "use warnings", fixing 3 places where uninitialized variables were used

        * gnathtml: from gnathtml-8, filter out links for function parameters

        * gnathtml: from gnathtml-8, filter out links to generic formals

        * gnathtml:
        from gnathtml-8, filter out links for discriminants and references to the
        parent package (the latter affects one link in ncurses/Ada95)

        * gnathtml: remember to add copyright on my work...

        * gnathtml: fix an overlooked change for file-extension option

        * gnathtml: copy absolute option from gnathtml-8

        * gnathtml: copy file-extension option from gnathtml-8

        * gnathtml:
        indent with perl-tidy, and move use-strict to more conventional location


        * man2html:
        trim unwanted quotes from -title parameter which came from shellcheck fixes


        * linklint: if I run
                linklint /foo.html
        it uses a different path, and breaks.  Repair by using a separate variable
        for the file-handle passed to ParseMap and ParseHtml


        * man2html:
        provide for a special case of subsections used in mawk-code.7, where some
        are only two-characters.


        * rcs2log:
        use $RCS_DIR as in cm_tools to allow changing the name of the rcs subdirectory.
        This is needed to handle rcs-blame, since it has test-data including an
        "RCS" directory.


        * linklint:
        headers are a valid target for href's since they can have "id" tags.

        * linklint: correct recent fix for undefined $url variable


        * linklint:
        when requesting a link, make sure that spaces are URL-encoded, since a
        previous step undid that.

        * linklint: make output more repeatable by sorting hash-keys

        * linklint:
        running linklint showed more variables that were not imported - fixed.

        * linklint:
        with that (and enabling strict+warnings), there are a dozen warnings about
        a variable used only once.  Perl's not able to see that "*foo" in the
        incoming parameters from "$_" is the same as "%foo" used as "$foo{$bar}".
        quiet that warning using "once" pragma.

        * linklint:
        use "our" for the remaining variables reported by "use strict", and fix a
        reference to ASCII NUL

        * linklint: more use-strict issues

        * linklint:
        strict check pointed to an error in checking result from stat()

        * linklint: fix some use-strict issues

        * linklint:
        added "use diagnostics", which prompted quoting the "recursion" pragma

        * linklint:
        apply "use warnings", and fix references to undefined variables and ignore
        warning about deep recursion


        * linklint: indent'd

        * linklint: minor whitespace cleanup

        * linklint: also allow id= in ul and blockquote tags

        * linklint: allow id= in pre's


        * linklint: sort the list of files to make output more predictable


        * man2html: use https for website


        * rcs2log: use SIGQUIT(3) rather than SIGTRAP(5) in trap commands
        This error dates back to 1997 (970802) in ncurses:
                + many corrections to make progs/capconvert work, as well as make it
                  reasonably portable and integrated with ncurses 4.1 (reported by Dave
                  Furstenau <>).

        but I see in my "nfilter" script I used it as far back as December 1993, on the
        other hand in "externs" (August 1991) I had it corrrect.

        But here are the first uses in ncurses:
                capconvert      1997/08/02 21:52:06    1.3
           1997/11/08 18:14:57    1.7
           1997/12/06 20:52:47       tom
         1998/09/05 23:53:51    1.4
         2001/05/26 23:37:57    1.7
         2001/06/16 15:25:10       tom
        2001/06/16 16:47:39       tom
           2010/02/20 22:46:57       tom


        * man2html:
        better mapping for aliases by not modifying the displayed link-text.


        * rcs2log:
        allow this to follow symbolic links to files as well as directories


        * man2html:
        if "-compress", suppress extra newline at the end of PRE-sections which added
        to whitespace on resulting page.


        * man2html: add "-toc" option, used in vile's documentation


        * man2html:
        make -title less obnoxious by using css "no-header" and omitting the following
        hr-tag from the h1-tag.


        * man2html: another fix for index-levels

        * man2html: corrected logic for index levels


        * man2html:
        add "-index" option, to move some functionality out of "fixup-man2html"

        * man2html:
        move the advert into the meta tag for "generator" as done with tidy.
        (verified that reformatting with tidy will not remove this tag)

        * man2html:
        modify heuristic for section-titles to allow it to match subsection titles
        (which differ only by their indent/margin value).

        * man2html: bump version

        * man2html:
        improve the fix to ensure there is no extra leading/trailing whitespace


        * man2html:
        fix special case seen in where a partially bold line would be
        treated as a header.  The fix ensures that any non-punctuation/non-space
        character on the line is bold - the normal behavior for nroff.


        * man2html:
        Hood's old website is long gone; the replacement on Savannah had no updates
        (other than his change to use cvs).  Update the url to point to my site,
        which is the version I use for ncurses.


        * linklint:
        lynx has a valid id attached to "em" in a dl - add relevant tags


        * linklint:
        accept either "name" or "id" (let the validators worry about which are legal)

        * linklint: some obvious fixes:
                a) flush stderr/stdout, so I can pipe result inside vile
                b) change %20's back to spaces to check for actual files with spaces
                c) a-tags are not the only things that can have id's or name's for href


        * man2html: sign my work.

        * man2html: for consistency, warn as I did for -externs

        * man2html: add "-aliases" option for ncurses

        * man2html: add "-externs" option for ncurses

        * man2html: stylistic - tell the number of params, for prototype

        * man2html: spelling :-)

        * man2html:
        isolated cause for uninitialized $fix variable which would be reported by
        "use diagnostics" or "use warnings" - ncurses output unchanged.

        * man2html: indented (with perltidy)

        * man2html: fix most of the warnings which come up with "use strict".
        However, turning on "use strict" will break ncurses' manhtml usage.


        * gnathtml:
        specify charset's throughout, to help validate strict/transitional documents

        * gnathtml:
        upgrade the regular pages (which used font-color) to use css with html 4.01 strict

        * gnathtml:
        revert the doctype change - this is using font-color, which is valid for
        the transitional but not for the strict doctype.


        * gnathtml:
        update doctype to use 4.01 strict, to fix quirks-mode warning from web developer tool


        * xcutselprint: RCS_BASE


        * altchars: 2010-05-02 version from ftp

        * altchars: reapply my fixes for ncurses


        * linklint: RCS_BASE


        * gnathtml: spelling


        * altchars:
        I modified this to reflect stuff in ncurses - except for "|", since that
        doesn't seem to work as I'd like...


        * unrpm: RCS_BASE


        * gnathtml:
        changed all of the logic that generates or uses line/column references to
        use tag() function.  Once that was done (no problems noted), modified that
        function to prefix the tags with "ref_" to make them legal html id's.

        * gnathtml:
        fix a kludge which was putting an empty symbol out in output_symbol() by
        adding before_symbol() and after_symbol() to return strings that are used
        to bracket the actual symbol (which wasn't written using output_symbol()
        since it's already bracketed with a colored font and an href).

        * gnathtml:
        fix a place where the funcs.htm file was using a blank for the link (but
        that was incorrect since none of the functions begin with a blank)

        * gnathtml:
        fix a couple of places where </UL> was emitted when there was no <UL>

        * gnathtml:
        add doctype tag to each file (so I can run tidy and validate).
        change the NOFRAME to NOFRAMES in the frameset stuff (noting that it has
        a special doctype tag).

        * gnathtml: use strict (so I can check the script better)

        * gnathtml:
        keep the quoting fixes from, but omit the place where I tried
        to strip out references to empty symbols -- I think some of those references
        really are used.  Also trim blanks

        * gnathtml: add my changes to 1.34


        * altchars: RCS_BASE


        * gnathtml: import from Debian


        * rcs2log: hmm - the -R did have a shift.  leave the other fixes.


        * rcs2log:
        it's obvious that no one used this script to support RCS files for some time...

        * rcs2log: RCS_BASE


        * man2html: keep the version # the same.

        * man2html:
        add a fix to detect if the text used for an HREF was hyphenated, and add
        the missing chunk.


        * gnathtml:
        oops: my comparison for $strips to an empty string was incorrect (matched
        a lot of nonempty strings).


        * gnathtml:
        fix most places (one occurrence) where a blank or empty string was made an anchor.
        also, fix some quotes - wrong type

        * gnathtml: apply my 1.18.1 changes to 1.22


        * gnathtml:
        fix most of the easy bugs - this didn't quote HREF=x or TARGET=x,
        was missing newlines at the ends of generated lines, and didn't even begin
        with <HTML>.


        * gnathtml: FROM_KEYS


        * gnathtml: FROM_KEYS


        * man2html: RCS_BASE