curs_getyx 3x 2024-06-08 ncurses 6.5 Library calls

curs_getyx(3x)                   Library calls                  curs_getyx(3x)


       getyx,  getparyx,  getbegyx,  getmaxyx  -  get curses cursor and window


       #include <curses.h>

       void getyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);
       void getbegyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);
       void getmaxyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);

       void getparyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);


       These macros obtain the cursor position and  bounds  information  of  a
       curses window win.  getyx stores win's cursor position in the variables
       y and x.  getmaxyx stores win's maximum valid line and  column  numbers
       in  y  and  x, respectively.  getbegyx similarly stores the position of
       win's origin  relative  to  that  of  the  screen  (for  stdscr,  these
       coordinates are always 0).

       If  win  is a subwindow (see subwin(3x)), the getparyx macro places the
       coordinates of its origin relative to its parent window into y  and  x,
       and -1 into both if it is not.


       No return values are defined for macros.  Do not use them as the right-
       hand side of assignment statements.


       All of these interfaces are implemented as macros.  An "&" operator  is
       not necessary before the variables y and x.


       These macros are described in X/Open Curses, Issue 4.

       ncurses  also  provides  functions  getbegx, getbegy, getcurx, getcury,
       getmaxx, getmaxy, getparx, and getpary  for  compatibility  with  older
       versions of curses; see curs_legacy(3x).

       Although X/Open Curses does not address the issue, many implementations
       expose members of the WINDOW structure containing values  corresponding
       to   these   macros.    Do   not   rely  on  their  availability;  some
       implementations make WINDOW opaque (that is, they do not  allow  direct
       access to its members).

       Besides the problem of opaque structures, the data stored in like-named
       members  may  not  have  values   of   the   same   meaning   different
       implementations.    For   example,   the  values  of  WINDOW._maxx  and
       WINDOW._maxy in ncurses have long  differed  by  one  from  some  other
       implementations.  The getmaxyx macro hides this difference.


       curses(3x), curs_legacy(3x), curs_opaque(3x)

ncurses 6.5                       2024-06-08                    curs_getyx(3x)